About the Swap

When: Monday, July 30th. 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Where: Red Cloud Studio, 2506 N. California Ave (special thanks to Molly Lehr for generously offering her space!)

Who: All are welcome! Please forward this link to friends!

Admission: Read on below! All proceeds will benefit the Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights.

How: This is a bit different from your typical swap. You won’t show up at the event with a bag of clothes to donate. In fact, donations aren’t even required!

If you have clothing (including baby/kids clothes) or books to donate, note this in the RSVP form. All you have to do is put them in a bag. I’ll handle the rest–whether you have a few books or two garbage bags of clothes. I’ll do the vetting (read below on what’s accepted), organization and “curation” of this makeshift pop-up store. You just show up!

Everyone who attends the swap, regardless of whether they donate, will be charged a modest admission fee that will entitle them to a number of items to take home.

What’s accepted?
Tags still on that dress you’re never going to wear? Kids way past the onesie stage? Need to make room on your bookshelf for some new titles? I’m accepting:

-Clean, new or gently used/good condition adult clothing
-Clean, new or gently used baby and children’s clothes
-Books of all genres, for all ages, etc. — as long as they are in reasonably OK condition

*I’ll inspect for stains, damage, etc. — but your initial pass is much appreciated.

*If there is anything to highlight about your donation (e.g. designer items, tags still on, etc.), please add that to the notes field!

What else? This is my first (charity event) rodeo, and so I’m just aiming for a small community event that raises funds for an organization doing good work. That said, I’m hoping to arrange food,¬†food, drinks and other “programming.”

Factoring in these items, how many will attend (this is why the RSVP is important) and how many donated items I collect, I’ll determine an admission cost and how many items each person can take — but rest assured it will be reasonable. 100% of the profits will go to the Young Center. Any remaining clothes will go to The Brown Elephant, and leftover books will go to Open Books.

RSVP here!